t.r.u.e. fELLOWSHIP

What is T.R.U.E. Fellowship?
T.R.U.E. Fellowship is an apostolic covering comprised of an apostolic network of churches, ministries, and like-minded leaders. It is designed to provide supportive strength to existing churches, plant churches, ministries, and leaders through relationship, mentorship, fellowship, networking, counsel, and support. In addition, we focus on providing relational accountability, apostolic covering, and challenging the covenant churches, ministries, and leaders to discover their purpose, birth their God given vision, and fulfill their God given assignment.

Why Should I Connect?
If you are a pastor or an ecclesiastical leader, you may desire fellowship but do not wish to be in a denomination or organization. If that’s you, we are set up with you in mind. We aspire to foster relationships and encourage and aid in the visions of God placed in the hearts of men becoming a reality.

The Benefits of T.R.U.E. Fellowship
Apostolic Covering
Annual Conference
Assistance with church planting
Spiritual support and prayer
Ministerial Fellowship
Sharing of Information
And More….

Church Autonomy
We have no desire to have any authority in your church ministry. Our desire is to only support you in fulfilling the assignment of God on your life while developing long lasting relationships.

Financial Support
It’s never the plan of T.R.U.E. Fellowship to make financial support compulsory , but financial support through giving is a natural part of the apostolic ministry and is a biblical principle. Financial support is divided into different levels. The levels are set up for you to determine your measure of connection. As you do this, you agree to what is expected of you and/or your ministry and accept our level of responsibility to aid you in all that you are doing.

Interest Form

There are three levels of connection they are: Fellowship, Mentorship, and Sonship.
If you are in the Mentorship or Sonship level, there may be greater financial obligations from you but there will be greater responsibility from us to you as well.