Not Just A Man, But God's Man

  • Are you frustrated with your spirit filled husband?
  • Do you wish that he would have been called to do something else?
  • Are you struggling to understand him?
  • Do you feel that your focuses are totally different?

Then this book is the one for you.

In this book, you will identify the tactics of Satan to divide and conquer in your marriage. You will learn how to render him powerless in his attacks. You will also learn how to be proactive that he will not be able to get a grip on your marriage in the beginning.

This book will give you the tools to become a great witness for God through your marriage, so others might be won to Him by your conversation. When you apply the principles in this book, you will find out that the honeymoon doesn’t have to end, but it can and will continue on.


Not Just A Man, But God's Man