Bishop Carl D. Parrott

Senior Pastor

Dr. Carl D. Parrott is the Founder and Senior Pastor of Rhema Word Restoration Ministries in Columbia, South Carolina.  A native of Lynchburg, South Carolina, Dr. Parrott was brought up in the church all of his life in the AME organization.  He then recognized that the hand of God was on his life.  He began answering the Divine calling upon his life at the tender age of seventeen after being saved and filled with the Holy Spirit.  It was at this time that he developed a burden in his heart for the lost. Since that time, he has been used of God to train leaders and laity to take authority over spiritual forces and walk freely from sin, sickness, poverty and disease.  Dr. Parrott has conducted crusades and revivals, all demonstrating the power of God while being used to call souls unto Christ.
Dr. Parrott received his Bachelor’s Degree in Therapeutic Recreation from Benedict College, his Masters in Biblical Studies from International College of Religion and his Doctorate in Divinity from James Dussault University all of Columbia, South Carolina.  He was a professor at James Dussault University and also on the Board of Directors at Five Fold Ministries Theological University of San Diego, California.  Since then, he has served as an Adjunct Professor for other bible colleges for special focus.  In the year of 2002, Dr. Parrott gave birth to RHEMA WORD RESTORATION MINISTRIES with the cathedral church located in Columbia, South Carolina.  God began to show his unmerited favor and blessed the holy and ordained union of Dr. Parrott and Lady Camesha L. Parrott.  Through their union, they were blessed with three beautiful and talented childen: twin girls, Carlin and Cayla, and Carl Deidrick, II. In the interim of having natural children, the Lord gave him vision to form The Reforming Universal Ecclesia, Fellowship a.k.a. T.R.U.E. Fellowship in January of 2007.   On September 28, 2019, Dr. Parrott was officially consecrated to the Apostolic office of Bishop in the Lord’s church.  He was also enthroned as Chief Apostle of T.R.U.E. Fellowship on the same day.

Dr. Parrott is celebrated as many different gifts in various circles because of the grace in which the Holy Spirit allows him to function under. He is noted as an Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor, and Teacher in the Body of Christ with the gifts of the Holy Spirit accompanying his ministry.  He has been given the name by some as the quiet storm.  Dr. Parrott has had a major hand in helping to establish a number of churches and ministries.  He is author of the books entitled ”Not Just A Man, But God’s Man” and ”Why Am I Where I Am?”.  In addition, he released music projects entitled: Kingdom Love and Collaboration of Generations.  He continues to be used of God proclaiming the anointed message of healing and restoration that transcends every cultural and denominational barrier.  While all of this is good, he celebrates most of all being saved and filled with the Holy Spirit and just being chosen of God.

”If my people…shall humble themselves and pray…” – II Chronicles 7:14

Pastor Camesha L. Parrott

Elect Lady & Executive Pastor

Lady Camesha L. Parrott, a native of Columbia, is the Elect Lady of Rhema Word Restoration Ministries here in Columbia, SC where her husband, Bishop Carl D. Parrott, is pastor and founder. From the beginning of her life, working in ministry was passionately emphasized by her parents, family and friends. After receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost while a junior at Spring Valley High School, she went on to graduate and begin her collegiate career.  Ultimately, she received a Bachelor of Science degree from Limestone College in Charleston, South Carolina with a major focus of study in Counseling and Human Services.  The degree earned was inspired by a deep-rooted desire to better understand human nature and to enable her to work more effectively in ministry.  The experience that she has gained from Limestone has equipped her to better understand the souls that come unto God.

Lady Parrott has operated in almost every capacity of ministry with distinction, including church administration and youth ministry.  She has also been empowered by God to operate in Word Ministry, Praise & Worship, Ministry of Helps, and Governments.  She, actively, participates in community services and outreach, and has mentored in the Junior Achievement Program at St. Andrews Middle School in Columbia and has volunteered as a Reading Tutor for United Way of the Midlands.  She currently volunteers at Ridgeview High School and Harvest Hope Food Bank.  She has a passion for young people, especially single women, and often inspires and encourages them to know that with Christ, their lives can be enriched with incomparable favor and be overwhelmingly marked by excellence. God uses her in a unique way as she yields herself to Him for His service.  On February 28, 2021, Lady Parrott was installed as the executive pastor of Rhema Word Restoration Ministries, in which she leads all functional areas of ministry in the accomplishment of the church’s mission through administration and management.   Despite her busy schedule in this role as “Lady Pastor” in addition to working her entrepreneur business, Lady Parrott still finds the time to be a supportive wife and an outstanding mother to her three beautiful and talented children.